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Saturday, October 22, 10am - 1pm

Dr. Bilal Islam is performing a new type of carpal tunnel release called UltraGuideCTR.

It's a procedure that features:

A Fast
Days not months – Most patients return to their normal activities in just 3 to 6 days!

Avoid spending months in postoperative therapy.
A single small incision – Typically closed without sutures and made in the wrist. 

Go home with a bandaid not a palm full of stitches!
Barely Noticeable – Most only need OTC meds. Performed with local anesthesia.

Why suffer? The procedure is done in just minutes.

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Our scanning open house is a friendly and fun way to learn if UltraGuideCTR is for you.
Learn more about the unique benefits of the UltraGuideCTR procedure.
Ask Dr. Bilal Islam any questions you might have.
Receive a free ultrasound evaluation!
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Enjoy complimentary refreshments and snacks.

Our next open house is Sat, October 22, 10am - 2pm!

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