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Got Carpal Tunnel?

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The Power of

Diagnostic Ultrasound.

ECSM uses the latest ultrasound technology from Fujitsu to diagnose conditions and visualize procedures in real-time as they're performed. Unparalleled accuracy and precision.
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Dr. Bilal Islam
"Ultrasound technology has enabled new, exciting, and precise treatments that I'm thrilled to bring to my patients in Bay County."
UltraGuideCTR for

Carpal Tunnel

Developed by Sonex Health this new, minimally invasive procedure for carpal tunnel release can be performed in just minutes.

Dr. Bilal Islam leverages the latest ultrasound guidance technology to visualize your anatomy in real-time during the procedure.

Most patients can return to work and the activities they love within 3-6 days!
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Hand with CTSFixed Hand with CTS
Stop Suffering!
Act now and take your first step towards regaining the use of your hands! Dr. Bilal Islam can help.
UltraGuideCTR Advantages
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Performed in just minutes
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Recovery in days not months
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Small wrist incision
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Typically no post-op therapy
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Most take just Advil
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Immediate hand motion
For Chronic Tendon Pain

Get Tenex.

Developed in collaboration with the world-renowned MAYO Clinic, Tenex Health's minimally invasive technology is an effective and innovative breakthrough for the treatment of chronic tendon pain like Tennis Elbow.

Starting in October Dr. Bilal Islam will be offering Tenex. Our waitlist is growing fast so be sure to reserve your spot today!
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Get Tenex.
Life is short. Get active quicker.

Our patients love what Dr. Bilal Islam can do. You will too!

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“Friendly, fun, and expertly capable. I can work without pain again.”
James K.
General Contractor
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating
“Dr. Bilal Islam really saved my career and eliminated my pain!”
Serena W.
Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating
“I wouldn't be competing today if it wasn't for Dr. Bilal and ECSM.”
Shawn R.
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“I'm always looking for new treatments, technologies, and services that benefit my patients. I'm constantly evolving this practice and I want everyone to have a great experience.”

Dr. Bilal Islam

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